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Agency Principal ~ Toni Smith


Agency Principal ~ Toni Smith

Toni, while not a native of Colorado, has been a resident since 1980. She started her professional life as an elementary school teacher, and later was involved in selling furniture. One of her customers introduced her to the "insurance" world, and she became an agent tn 1987.

She often said that her husband handled the insurance discussions for their household, and after the agent left, she would have him explain things to her in simpler terms. Since her roots were in education, she saw an opportunity to present complex subjects surrounding insurance to people in an easy to understand manner. For the last 27 years she has been doing just that, whether dealing with everyday home and auto insurance, or comprehensive issues like retirement planning and long term care insurance.

Toni and her staff have two locations, one in Denver and one in Castle Rock, and they strive to give every client the time and attention they deserve. They feel they have the updated knowledge and expertise of today's market to be able to handle their clients' needs in a way that will be easy to understand.